homework setup

since have been working at home, have a couple of items that make things easier:

bluetooth multi device keyboard and mouse.

That way I can use the same keyboard for work and home, just by hitting the appropriate hot key.

there are various options, the two I currently use are:

mouse: logitech m585

keyboard: Keychron K2

would recommend both. These are the direct links, not via any engines. Feel free to comment on any others.

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Pinebook Pro USB-C Dock and External monitor

Works! (mostly) woo hoo!


  • tried “regular” shipping, and took over a month; was over the December crush, but even so was a bit surprised on how long regular post took.
  • at first did not seem to work, hitting the Fn-F3 key did not do anything. Found I had to go into the settings >> Display Configuration >> select the device from the drop down DP-1, and then click >> Enabled.
  • Not working with the maximum resolution of the monitor 😦 of 2560×1440 yet, says “outputs could not be saved due to error.” will update if can get this changed.
  • monitor does not have any speakers, so have not tried any sound.
  • update on resolution: 2560×1440 does work as a primary monitor; when “extend desktop” mode enabled, gives error. So: have two 1920×1080 screens at once, or a single larger screen. Q: what is the maximum resolution of two screens?

otherwise, have just tried the regular usb ports for my mouse

for reference, software installed:

$ cat /etc/lsb-release  

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Amazon Prime Photo “Things”

playing with amazon prime photos. Since I have prime, mostly for videos this past year like good omens and the expanse, and various old tv shows…

and admit that I have some amazon devices: Fire 8 tablet, Fire TV stick

so have installed the amazon photos app, and uploaded several of my nature pics, like the one above.

so what is it?

obviously a purple plant on the ground…

but is it:


these are some of the “things” that amazon photos puts the above image into. I assume the “hair” throws it off a bit; and the leaves could be lettuce or cabbage;

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Megapixels oddness

still running postmarket-os, manually updating with apk

found that the megapixels app, is now fast, but is not saving the .jpg files correctly on my setup?

is saving two files, IMGYYYYMMDDHHMMSS.dng and IMGYYYYMMDDHHMMSS.jpg

the .dng file seems fine, but since ~20201214 the .jpg is red and squished/half?

manually converted the raw .dng to jpg, and is ok, see below for an example.

the program to convert was using python3 on the phone, using python3 and the rawpy module, below almost verbatim from the example

import rawpy
import imageio

path = 'in.dng'
with rawpy.imread(path) as raw:
    rgb = raw.postprocess()
imageio.imsave('out.jpg', rgb)
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Birds in our yard

is late fall, so no more flowers. Have put up a bird feeder in our yard.

so will try do document what we see. So far have managed to capture two different type so far; will update with more as we see them…

note: not the pinephone camera; using our old non phone camera with an actual optical zoom;

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Pinephone postmarketOS dual cameras

Playing a bit more with the cameras; still a cloudy overcast day;

and back to the soup can. Outside so my dim room not a factor; compare the front and rear cameras:

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Back to postmarketOS

installed today;

playing with the camera, using megapixels.

late in the day, so pictures are a bit grainy, likely due to low light:

Seasonal items, and the pinebook pro checking out the web page.

using the older pinephone; will likely get the memory board upgrade. Did lock up in the megapixels app a couple of times, when moving around with highly contrasting items in the image? Happened twice; have not analyzed it or reproduced it reliably. May have something to do with movement? of the phone itself? or just the image complexity?

otherwise looks great!

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Mobian on Pinephone

ok, never enough to just keep with the status quo..

pulled down mobian for the pinephone from here

camera also working with build from this weekend; Video does not crash the camera app, but does not seem to work, sort of freezes.

Is tomato season here:

Youtube on firefox and the default browser working well.

Note: Terminal was not installed, so had to get it from the software app. Chromium does not seem to be setup for the screen, looks to go off the edges.

todo: re-install the python apps from earlier experiments.

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Recent Pinephone ubtouch build

Finally tried the ubuntu touch build for the pinephone again.

downloaded build 75 from here

initial install was a few days after that build. Camera still did not work.

ran the update, and it downloaded a few apps, and a new system image.

Camera now working without any hacks!


  • is sluggish, not realtime update on screen
  • the screen image is reversed; so text is backwards; but actual photo saved is not
  • preview thumbnails not working in the viewer
  • thumbnails do show up in file manager browser
  • all images seem to come out landscape, no matter how the phone is held.
  • focus also sluggish, need to hold steady or may focus on background
  • lower light a bit grainy
  • camera app did not work with front camera

will continue to try things out

Other non camera notes

  • when screen blank comes on, wifi connection drops, need to wait, or manually turn on and off wifi
  • video did not work
  • youtube working fine in browser

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Tommy Thompson Park, Toronto

More nature, sort of. Visited https://tommythompsonpark.ca/ This time of year there are lots of butterflies and other pollinators. Also can see examples of the underlying structure of the park.

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